Methamphetamine use is a serious problem in Utah, and unfortunately, it has led to a widespread issue of meth-contaminated homes. In fact, in 2022, 70% of the homes that C&H Inspections tested for meth came back positive.

Meth contamination is a serious health hazard that can cause a range of health problems for those exposed to it. This includes respiratory problems, headaches, dizziness, and even damage to the central nervous system. Additionally, prolonged exposure to meth can lead to more serious health problems, such as liver and kidney damage.

If meth is found in your home, it’s essential to take action right away. While some homeowners may attempt to clean up the contamination themselves, we strongly advise against it. The State of Utah Department of Environmental Quality, homeowners are allowed to clean up their own property after meth contamination, but they must follow certain guidelines and procedures to ensure that the property is fully decontaminated and safe for habitation. Homeowners are required to obtain a certified industrial hygienist or qualified professional to conduct an initial assessment of the property and provide a cleanup plan. The homeowner must then submit the plan to the Utah Department of Environmental Quality for approval before beginning any cleanup activities. Additionally, the homeowner must follow specific cleanup procedures and use approved cleaning products to ensure that the methamphetamine contamination is fully removed. After the cleanup is completed, the homeowner must obtain a clearance sample to ensure that the property is safe for reoccupation. As you can see  the process can be difficult and time-consuming. The is why the recommendation we make is to have the property professionally cleaned by experts who are trained in meth decontamination.

Don’t take any chances when it comes to the health and safety of your family. Contact C&H Inspections today to schedule a meth test and take the first step towards a safe and healthy home.

If you suspect that your home may be contaminated with meth, it’s important to take action immediately. At C&H Inspections, we offer same-day meth testing results for your peace of mind. Our testing is available for $100 if we’re already at the house doing an inspection, or $150 as a standalone service.