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Beau Brown 2023

Beau Brown


Hi there! I’m a seasoned home inspector with over 10 years of experience serving the Salt Lake area. Formerly a helicopter pilot, I bring a thorough eye for detail and precision to every inspection. Follow my Instagram with 50,000+ followers for valuable home maintenance tips and insights.

Beau Brown

Uncover Hidden Costs and Safety Concerns


While a sagging roof or warped floors might be easy enough to spot on your own, many properties can hide serious and costly issues beneath the surface. If you’re buying or selling property in the Salt Lake or South Jordan, UT area, always start with a proper residential or commercial property inspection from C & H Inspections. We’re a trusted and insured home inspector with years of experience.

From thorough buyer and seller inspections to detailed thermal imaging and radon testing, we won’t leave a single square inch of your property unexamined.

We offer special discounts for veterans, teachers and healthcare workers. Reach out today to learn more about our affordable rates on residential and commercial property inspections.

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The team at C & H Inspections has the knowledge and experience to complete a wide variety of general and specialized property inspections. You can rely on us for:

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Beau Brown


“I’m the owner and operator of C & H Inspections. I’m proud to serve Salt Lake City and surrounding areas. Not only am I a certified professional inspector, I also have an extensive background in home construction, remodeling and maintenance. All of which allow me to provide you with the most thorough and informative home inspection available.”

Erin Whitson
Erin Whitson
March 25, 2023.
Off the bat, I was impressed by Beau with the questions he asked when I first called for a quote. He came in almost $200 under the competitors, he spent more time in the house than the competitors said they would, and he spent time explaining each issue he saw. He even spent extra time to look at a free standing structure not included in the inspection. And then took calls post inspection to answer even more questions. I cannot recommend him enough!
Caleb Parton
Caleb Parton
March 22, 2023.
Beau might be the best home inspector in Northern Utah. I couldn't have asked for a more thorough and detailed inspection. The discrepancies that he uncovered saved me thousands of dollars in repair costs as I was able to identify them prior to closing. He was on-time, motivated, focused and delivered an impressive report full of details and pictures. I would highly recommend!
Chase Reed
Chase Reed
March 17, 2023.
Beau has been amazing to work with. The most knowledgeable and dedicated inspector I have ever used. I love that he cares about my client's home buying experience just as much as I do. I would recommend C & H inspections to anyone looking for a qualified top notch professional.
Meaghan Miller-Gitlin
Meaghan Miller-Gitlin
March 15, 2023.
We worked with Beau from C & H Inspections and cannot recommend him enough! He was on time, great communication and he followed up to ensure all of our questions were answered. Beau is professional, knowledgeable, and communicates technical topics in an understandable way. We will be using Beau for our next purchase and recommend him to anyone looking to buy a property.
Marietta Paredes-Munier
Marietta Paredes-Munier
February 22, 2023.
Beau is very thorough and knows is job very well than other inspectors I've used in the past. His fees are reasonable and follow up is incredible. He's one of the best out there! I will continue to recommend Beau to my clients. My clients are happy and very satisfied with the inspections.
Diana Gomez
Diana Gomez
February 8, 2023.
When I called for a quote. Beau answered all my questions promptly and I never had an issue with his availability. Once arrived to do my inspection, he started working immediately and always made me aware of his findings such as the Eectrical issues and red flags. I appreciate him taking the time on inspecting the home and made sure my questions were answered. I definitely recommend him. Thank you!
Jeremy Huntley
Jeremy Huntley
February 2, 2023.
Beau is outstanding. Very detailed. Walked us through everything. I would HIGHLY recommend him for any future home inspections.
Trevor Blanchard
Trevor Blanchard
February 2, 2023.
Professional, excellent service.

Same Day Results for Meth Inspections!


When you work with a fully experienced and certified residential and commercial building inspector, you can rest assured your property will be in good hands. All of our findings will be collected in a detailed but easy-to-read report.

Contact us today to get a price estimate from a professional experienced.

Detailed Inspection Services near Salt Lake City

Any real estate purchase should start with a home inspection. Making an informed choice when purchasing or selling a home heavily depends on carefully evaluating the property’s condition. We offer buyers and sellers specialized home inspection near Salt Lake City and the neighboring areas. With a qualified home inspector at your disposal, we take the time to thoroughly assess the building and provide you with a thorough report that flags any potential problems or critical repairs that must be performed immediately.

We can conduct commercial property inspections near Salt Lake City with the help of our team of trained specialists, who can provide you with an unbiased evaluation of the building’s condition. We carefully inspect every part of the building and look for wear or decay that inexperienced eyes may not see. Our in-depth analyses cover important details like structural integrity, plumbing and electrical systems, the state of the roof, drainage systems, and other pertinent issues. They go beyond simple observations.

A crucial component of any residential or commercial facility is the sewer pipes. The lines must be maintained properly and examined frequently to keep the sewer system operating correctly. We provide sewer inspection near Salt Lake City using cutting-edge equipment, including video camera pipe inspection and smoke testing. Our trained specialists can identify any potential issues with the system, such as blockages and debris buildup. We then give you a thorough report on our findings along with suggestions for any repairs or replacements that might be required.

Radon, mold, and lead are all hazardous materials that can be present in a home or commercial property. Our expertise can find any levels of these materials that could be present. Our Radon, Mold, and Lead Testing near Salt Lake City include a property sample that will be obtained and submitted to a lab to do additional analysis. When the outcomes are known, we’ll help you decide what needs to be done to ensure your safety and the protection of any affected residents.

Pool & Spa Inspections

We specialize in providing detailed pool and spa inspections near Salt Lake City Area. Our team of qualified home inspectors has extensive experience conducting thorough inspections of swimming pools, hot tubs, spas, and their components. We appreciate the substantial investment that a pool or spa represents and the value of a comprehensive understanding of its condition before making any important decisions. To fully investigate and report on any potential problems or concerns with your pool or spa, we take the necessary time to conduct complete inspections.

Thermal imaging is an effective tool for locating home insulation, air leakage, and moisture issues. We use thermal imaging equipment to provide comprehensive and accurate thermographic inspections of all aspects of a building envelope, including roofs, walls, windows, glazing, balconies, and staircases for property owners or managers. Our Thermal Imaging near Salt Lake City helps identify potential problems before they become costly repairs.

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